Filter Cleaning

Cleaning instructions for your filters.

Rangehoods are a great product for removing grease, steam and odours from the kitchen enviorment. Filters in rangehoods trap the grease/oils/fats which in turn stop clogging the motors and depending on the installation preventing the grease/oils/fats from entering back into the kitchen/roof cavity.

Over time however the grease/oils/fats from our cooking builds up in the filter and in turn slows the air performance on the rangehood. In addtion built up grease in the filter can pose a significant fire hazard.


Step 1. Removing your Filters

In most cases the filters in the appliance will be held in by either clips, or by springs. Determine the best way to remove them and carefully place them on some newspaper.

Step 2. Determine which type of Filter you have

if you have a filter specially made for recirculating rangehood models (ie the air circulates back into the room) then most likely this filter will contain a "charcoal" layer which assists in absorbing odours. Whilst you can still clean the filter we recommend replacing the entire filter for maximum performance. If your filter contains only aluminium mesh then proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Cleaning your Filters

Firstly before cleaning your filters make sure that the cleaning agent you use does not contain Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH) otherwise know as Caustic Soda, if you use a product with Sodium Hydroxide over time it will first discolor the Aluminium Filter then continued use will Damage & Degrade the Filter. For best results we recommend using one of our cleaning agents from our online store.

Next spray the filters with a recommended cleaner then leave to soak for 30min on some newspaper, then rinse off in hot water and place in direct sunlight until filters have fully dryed.

Alternatively if you do not have a rangehood filter cleaning product mix up a sink full of hot water and detergent and fully submerge the filters for 45min once they have finished soaking rinse off in hot water then place them on newspaper in full sunlight until filters have fully dryed.

Once filters have fully dryed install filters back into the appliance and your done!.




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